Sixth International Conference on Learning and Teaching in Computing and Engineering
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, April 20th - April 22nd, 2018


All sessions will be held in located at Auckland University of Technology's City Campus located at 55 Wellesley Street, in the Sir Paul Reeves Building on level 9 in rooms WG901-902. Directions to the venue and a campus map can be found here

Friday, 20th April

08:00 Registration
Welcome09:00 Welcome
Conference Chairs: Anders Berglund & Tony Clear
Keynote Address09:30 How do we help school teachers get engaged with a new computing curriculum?
Tim Bell
10:30 Coffee Break
Paper Session 1 11:00 A 3-Tier Technology for STEM Education in New Zealand Primary Schools
Farhad Mehdipour, Mohsen Pashna & Aniket Mahanti
11:30 Culturally Relevant Approach to Encourage School Children Learn Computer Science Concepts
Anuroop Gaddam, Karsten Lundqvist and Hiria McRae
12:00 The use of Different Kinds of Robots to Spark Student Interest in Learning Computational Thinking
Wei-Yeh, Huang, Chiu-Fan Hu & Cheng-Chih, Wu
Lunch12:30 Lunch Break
Paper Session 2 14:00 Development and Validation of Problem Solving Task based-Integrated STEM
Norazla Mustafa, Zaleha Ismail, Zaidatun Tasir & Mohd Nihra Haruzuan Mohamad Said
14:30 HandsUp – An In-class Question Posing Tool
Harry Jackson, Angad Nayyar, Paul Denny, Andrew Luxton-Reilly & Ewan Tempero
15:00 Student Learning Processes for Mathematical Modelling – An Engineering Lecturer’s Viewpoint
Kerri Spooner
15:30 Coffee Break and Posters
Paper Session 3 16:00 Evaluation of the Implementation of a Timer in Gamified Programming Exercises
Aaron Matenga, Tyne Crow, Michael Walmsley, Andrew Luxton-Reilly & Burkhard Wuensch
16:30 Invited Paper
Fostering Co-Creation with Games

Maya Pivec
Finish17:00 Free time
Dinner19:00 Conference Dinner

Saturday, 21st April

08:00 Registration
Paper Session 49:00 Flipped Classroom Strategy to Help Underachievers in Java Programming
Manoj Kumar P., Renumol V.G. & Sahana Murthy
9:30 Social Constructivism Learning Through Project Based Learning
with Scaffolding in Flipped Classroom

Azlina A.Rahman, Norasykin Mohd Zaid, Zaleha Abdullah, Hasnah Mohamed & Baharuddin Aris
10:00 Transitioning from Block-based to Text-based Programming Languages
Luke Moors, Andrew Luxton-Reilly & Paul Denny
10:30 Coffee Break
Paper Session 5 11:00 Engaging Engineering Faculty in Transformative Practices
Robin Nelson, Stephanie Garcia, Emily P. Bonner, Vittorio Marone, Timothy T. Yuen & JoAnn Browning
11:30 Preparing Student Teachers to Teach Mathematics with GeoGebra
Nurhashimah Za’ba, Zaleha Ismail & Abdul Halim Abdullah
12:00 Mobile Augmented Reality as a Teaching Medium in an Introductory Computer Graphics Course
– An Engineering Lecturer’s Viewpoint

Thomas Suselo, Burkhard C. Wunsche & Andrew Luxton-Reilly
12:30 Lunch
Panel14:00 Group Work
Invited Panelists
15:30 Coffee Break and Posters
Paper Session 6 16:00 “Why am I Even Doing this?”: The Experiences of Female Students in CS from an Inside Perspective
Moa Markland & Sara Gustavsson
16:30 Invited Paper
Self-determined computing education: an Independent Learning Pathway Approach

Samuel Mann, Glenys Ker, Kylie Ellis

Sunday, 22nd April

08:00 Registration
Paper Session 79:00 Interactive Learning of Abstract Programming Concepts with InteractiveOOP
Asheer Ahmad, Harsh Chokshi, Giuseppe De Ruvo, Nasser Giacaman
10:00 How research came inside me as a new knowledge
Anders Berglund, Ville Isomöttönen, Dekar Lhamo & Phurpa Tshering
10:30 Is More Active Always Better for Teaching Introductory Programming?
Adalbert Gerald Soosai Raj, Jignesh M. Patel & Richard Halverson
10:30 Coffee Break
Keynote Address11:00 Strategies for Overcoming Assessment Challenges in Computer Science and Engineering Education
Carmel McNaught
Closing Address12:00 Closing address & Reflection
2019 Latice Conference Presentation